Nidhogg’s Trial: Master – Teyah

Creator: Teyah
Date Posted: September 1, 2021
Game Version: 2.11.0
Auto-Shapeshift: On
Creator’s Clear Time: 3:40
Creator’s Clear Rate: –

Creator’s Notes:

“Here is a build guide for the new Master Nidhogg Trials of the Mighty fight. This time around the fight is not comfortably autoable using low rarity units, even with Reborn Jeanne, so I added a 2nd half that showcases more traditional “premium” units that most people should have some access to. Either way the Nidhogg clones can make this a pretty RNG auto, but when using a real team it feels a good amount more consistent. Just throw it on at 1.2-1.5x speed and tap Retry as needed for your dailies.

The premium units version of this auto feels pretty lax. You can play it at 1.5x speed (lower is still better) and the DPS check is pretty easy to get through. The main pain point is the shadow clones, which are easier to get through as long as you get a dragon off during the clones summon. Hilde also feels worse than Estelle for survival, as her S1 animation is much longer before the heal activates leading to interruptions and death to damage more often for her. Estelle also has a Last Boost-esque skill prep for her partywide regen skill, which often saves her from death. You may want to try Estelle instead if you have her built.”

– Teyah

Discuss this team on Reddit:

Watch this team in action:

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