Iblis’s Surging Cascade: Standard (4x Gold Fafnir) – bcharriere4398

Creator: bcharriere4398
Date Posted: September 11, 2021
Game Version: 2.11.0
Auto-Shapeshift: Off
Creator’s Clear Time: <7:30
Creator’s Clear Rate: 100% (45/45)

Creator’s Notes:

“The prints are likely incredibly suboptimal, but I got 45/45 clears before my phone overheated.

Share skills are Cassandra and Cleo, both level 3. Cass for quicker/reliable Max HP buffs, and Cleo… because it’s there haha.

My bad runs ended with 2 and a half minutes on the clock, so time isnt super tight. And you can add more dps prints. I just threw on defense prints for quaranteed consistency.”

– bcharriere4398

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