Iblis’s Surging Cascade: Expert – Talight

Creator: Talight
Date Posted: September 7, 2021
Game Version: 2.11.0
Auto-Shapeshift: On
Creator’s Clear Time: 6:02
Creator’s Clear Rate: >70%

Creator’s Notes:

“Team has great synergy overall; as you saw ; team can butcher Uriel within a minute with no problems;

Leif** ; Great front runner, Short skill animations( really important during stalking shadow phase; New year Lucca sometimes keep on pounding his mocchi during this phase neglecting to lead the bat on the whirlpool causing a wipe), Poison inflicter, defense shredder

**Impregnable Fortress wyrmprint is a must on your front character ; this fixes the targeting bug on the phase where you have to choose the correct bat; thanks for whoever suggested it but I saw that tip on here 😀

New Year Lucca ; irreplaceable character on auto (my opinion only) Awesome dispeller using his S1 and can kill the three bats on damning prelude phase quickly, improves survivability by providing regen; he can also be the lead but like mentioned earlier he sometimes gets stuck on his S1 skill animation during Stalking shadow phase ( where the bat needs to he lured into the whirlpool) causing a party wipe.

Human Mid; He is the Main damage provider,Stormlash inflicter, and dragon gauge provider (helping leif transform fast enough to Mid 0 ; preventing the huge damage caused by Inescapable cascade during phase 1)

Formal Noelle; Best healer on auto ; boosts party HP; can dispel and lowers poison resistance

*** I also just realized that some of my wrymprint setup was not optimal while recording this vid eg: Swords Psalm on leif but no Sword affinity wrymprint equipped at all; so I think there still has room for improvement here

Situations where wipe can happen:

  1. Leif in dragon form during Stalking shadow phase; he will not lure the bat on the whirlpool as a result

2.) Leif in dragon form during Tidal Fantasia ( choose the right bat phase) Leif will not go to the right bat causing a wipe)

3.) Leif in defensive stance during Tidal Fantasia; activating the bug even with impregnable fortress on; causing them not to attack the bat at all! (I noticed he wont go on defensive stance if the enemy is poisoned x2 so maybe a fast poison SS can fix this; which I dont have 😦 )

4.) Team didnt kill the three bats during Damning prelude phase; New year lucca usually does a good job taking care of those bats but character placement plays a role here (they have to be close to the center”

– Talight

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Watch this team in action:

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