Iblis’s Surging Cascade: Expert – Karma 3

Creator: Karma 3
Date Posted: September 6, 2021
Game Version: 2.11.0
Auto-Shapeshift: Off
Creator’s Clear Time: 7:51
Creator’s Clear Rate: 93% (14/15)

Creator’s Notes:

“Victor can be replaced by Welly, Granzal, or Gleif to similar or even better effect, tho the bleed punisher prints should be replaced

Kluca can be replaced by any lance/axe unit with good damage.

Fnoelle can be replaced by 67mc+ Sverica or lowen (with lesser consistency)


Hope it’s not too late to post teams for autoing eIblis. Here’s a consistent and unique team with a victor lead. He’s surprisingly good with his s1 and s2 having good aoe to deal with the 3 weak point attacks along with gnotte and kluca. I only had to click retry ONCE because of the bat targeting bug that cygames said they were going to fix.


Most of my prior failures was because the ai would have dragon at the wrong time so the team would get team wiped by the bat not going into the portal. This setup eliminates that possibility altogether by turn auto shapeshift OFF. The other way this setup could use up a life is if for the 3 weak point attack the ai focuses on the left or right ones first and no other chars have skills to kill them before the timer expires, tho this is rare. If the ai doesn’t clear the 3 weakpoint dps check, do not restart. Iblis doesn’t do any threatening attacks for a while, giving your fnoelle time to heal the damage off.


Also since we’re not shapeshifting, if your Mid0 is not mub, I highly recommend using a mub high midgardsormr on victor. Its free and does the same thing because the ai will never get to use the flurry skill passive of mid0. The gnotte and kluca should use your top dps dragons. Fnoelle can use freyja for more consistent regen uptime or garuda for her higher hp. Higher hp means less regen ticks needed to get rid of corrosion, which becomes especially important when iblis applies 2 stacks of corrosion.


Any 2 dps shared skills (preferably those with aoe/range for the 3 weakpoint dps check)


I’m dumb. Idk why i had the shapeshift prep prints on victor and kluca. Just replace them with offensive prints!!! I changed the imgur for a better build 🙂

If your victor keeps dying, feel free to slot in a hp% wyrmprint instead of bleed punisher and change one of the shared skills to a regen heal

– Karma 3

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