Ch. 20 / 7-2 The Masked Beasts: Very Hard (4x Gold Fafnir) – TrainerX493

Creator: TrainerX493
Date Posted: July 23, 2021
Game Version: 2.9.0
Auto-Shapeshift: On
Creator’s Clear Time: 5:00
Creator’s Clear Rate: 100% (15/15)

Creator’s Notes:

“It’s based on a modified version of this team here:


-I’m using Alberius friend for a 75% dragon prep, but it is filled up maxed once Volk is down, so you might not need that much.

-My dominion prints aren’t maxed yet, which is why G!Zena has 2 sword icons.

-This is enough bulk for prince to survive the twins X-explosion reliably.

-This averages 5 minutes at 2 times speed on a low end device, with 100% clear over 15 runs.

-I tried replacing G!Zena with Lowen and adding double buff, but that averaged 6 minutes. Replacing Julieta with Patia could work, but I haven’t tried.

-You could probably replace the Prince with someone else, but they need poison immunity for the portals in the last fight and I imagine longer fights may decrease performance.

-I did have both G!Zena and Julieta die on different runs, but it had little impact on preference. Adding defense prints on them may be needed though, especially if facilities and such aren’t that high.”

– TrainerX493

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2 thoughts on “Ch. 20 / 7-2 The Masked Beasts: Very Hard (4x Gold Fafnir) – TrainerX493”

  1. -Auto last 20-50 runs before failing, tested over several nights.
    -If the bug mentioned below is fixed, It’ll likely have a 99-100% success rate.
    -Tartarus is the main problem, since his Punishment Waves is capable of killing someone off all with full health, Grace Shield and defense prints (though usually he uses it right after the lead ai leaves the portal, so 3/4 of the ai lacks Shields)
    -The other part is that Tartarus will trap 1 or 2 of the ai in his bubbles, and the game will be left off there where the fight just keeps going on forever.
    -In v2.10 I believe it was, they changed the regular Tartarus fight to where if everyone gets trapped, he’ll do a screenwide instakill, which would let the team use their 2nd life and keep going. This doesn’t happen on this stage, and it’s noted on Dragalia bug list page of this problem and it’ll be fixed eventually.
    -I’ve also had tried adding Tiki, Sophie (Persona), Joker and Patia/Lowen/double buff combo to try and deal with Tartarus, but they all took longer to clear and was less consistent (all of the Agito for this fight are typeless).
    -I’ve also tried giving G!Prince Gilgimesh (my best dragon besides Cupid) and High Jupiter (for increased dragon time as well as bulk), and while clear time was better, Tartarus was still stopping runs (the Dragon Guage only lasts for 4 of the fights, and Tartarus drains the rest once you reach him).


    1. (WordPress was giving me trouble, and left out a chunk of my comment. Though it mostly was just “cool, my team made it to this site, here’s an update:”.)


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