Kai Yan’s Wrath: Master – AB 10

Creator: AB 10
Date Posted: May 14, 2021
Game Version: 2.7.0
Auto-Shapeshift: On
Clear Time: 4:33
Creator’s Clear Rate: 50%

Creator’s Notes:

“The comp is very consistent in terms of Survivability /Dispel however the body block bug is still a thing which prevents the ai from targeting Cata which is the true run killer. it goes up to 50%~ consistency without micromanaging but if you wanted to avoid any chance of failing i would recommended stopping the auto once it reaches to that point and deal with it manually. the rest of the auto beside that part is pretty straight forward. this is the easiest/fastest way to farm a lot of mkai in solo.

Overdmg shared is only used to keep cat sith’s stacks up for joker otherwise with using other dragons shared skills matters less and you can just use other shared like hlowen or Yuya (Gluca‚Äôs shared is recommended or just use alberius helper). you ideally want High Chthonius for Alberius (you can drop all defensive prints on him and replace them with The Red Impulse + The shining overlord since you can easily get the 30% hp buff early)+Alberius helper to start with 100% dgauge without having to bring a Ramiel or Dperp prints. Both Patia and Grace can use Azazel and Joker wants Arsen”

– AB 10

Watch this team in action:

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