Asura’s Blinding Light: Standard (4x Gold Fafnir) – -The-Red-Menace-

Creator: -The-Red-Menace-
Date Posted: July 2, 2021
Game Version: 2.9.0
Auto-Shapeshift: On
Creator’s Clear Time: 8:11
Creator’s Clear Rate: “Don’t think it’s super consistent”

Creator’s Notes:

“Really was just sort of thrown together – poison= crit damage on Delphi will get cancelled by Nihility, usually I run Warrior Maiden over Give Me Your Wounded for the atk over hp, the two Dominion prints on Alberius are only halfway unbound, and the punisher prints I don’t have more than one of each of. All the prints have max augments though, of course.

I’m also admittedly not the greatest at making auto teams, so I’m looking forward to seeing what other people come up with as well, and I’m sure someone could swap out a few prints from my builds and make that more consistent as well.

One last detail to note though is the Gold Fafnir on Alberius lead does have max augments, but the rest have none. Shapeshift was on, and the most I saw Alberius do as Gold Fafnir was a little over 110k on crit lol – speed was on 2x, but I’ll probably set it slower before I go back to sleep. Have fun!”

– -The-Red-Menace-

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1 thought on “Asura’s Blinding Light: Standard (4x Gold Fafnir) – -The-Red-Menace-”

  1. Awesome job with the site! It might be helpful to post clear times because sometimes people just want the fastest time possible for farming.

    Might be cool to include speed farming comps as well for the future for different quests. Thank again, keep it up!


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