Jeanne d’Arc’s Trial: Master – Teyah

Creator: Teyah
Date Posted: June 16, 2021
Game Version: 2.8.1
Auto-Shapeshift: On
Creator’s Clear Time: 3:52
Creator’s Clear Rate: –

Creator’s Notes:

“This trial is pretty difficult to auto with a budget team – this is as low as I could go while still leaving considerable room for improvement. This build uses Linnea for her great AI, as well as one affliction enabler (I used Nef, others should work). If you don’t have Linnea, you can probably use G!Chelle in her place for a similar result. As always with these Nihility fights, break out the HDT2 or off-element 7-slot Agito weapons for best uptime / highest DPS on your backline AI.”

– Teyah

Discuss this team on Reddit:

Watch this team in action:

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