Mars’s Trial: Master – Teyah

Creator: Teyah
Date Posted: May 19, 2021
Game Version: 2.7.0
Auto-Shapeshift: On
Creator’s Clear Time: 3:35
Creator’s Clear Rate: –

Creator’s Notes:

“Pretty difficult trial to auto this time, had to make a bunch of adjustments to not time out with a 4* only team. In the end I decided to go with Tiki since it looks like the DPS check is just too high for auto with poverty units & dragons only. Use 1.5x or even 1.2x for better success rates, you’ll likely time out at 2x speed due to lower AI uptime.

N!Aeleen on lead should heal enough when equipped with regular Poseidon. H!Mari is an upgrade if you have him. You can also swap out some of the offense prints (Skill Dmg, Str) on her with defense (HP, HP=Def) if survival is an issue on her. R!Poseidon would also be a big upgrade on Tiki, but any DPS dragon works for her.”

– Teyah

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Watch this team in action:

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