Chthonius’s Trial: Master – Teyah

Creator: Teyah
Date Posted: May 12, 2021
Game Version: 2.7.0
Auto-Shapeshift: On
Creator’s Clear Time: 3:45
Creator’s Clear Rate: –

Creator’s Notes:

“Here’s another simple daily auto Master Trials build using free units and essence dragons only. Alfonse and Sharena can be replaced by any 5* for pretty large damage boosts (eg. Gala Euden, Albert, H!Vanessa, Ryza). Felicia is a pretty solid healer here as she’s the only healer in the game that removes poison. For quicker results, you can put a better dragon like Gilgamesh or Cupid on the lead unit.”

– Teyah

Discuss this team on Reddit:

Watch this team in action:

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