Tartarus’s Wrath: Standard (4x Gold Fafnir) – N4Dddd

Creator: N4Dddd
Date Posted: October 16, 2020
Game Version: 2.0.1
Auto-Shapeshift: Off
Creator’s Clear Time: 2:00 – 4:00
Creator’s Clear Rate: 100% (40/40)

Creator’s Notes:

“Good news everyone. You can 4 fafnir standard tart on auto with high success rate. Bad news, it requires 4 limited units. MUB HDT weapons minimum requirement.
This clears in either 2 minute or 4 minutes depending on variance. The portal is optional for this comp. But Chitose, Pheony, and Mordecai are always built to be able to solo portal if they go in. Tiki always has to be last in the team.
Sample size of 40 runs out of 40 runs succeeded.
Factors that contribute to auto variance is based on phone model and in game settings.”

– N4Dddd

Watch this team in action:

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