Tartarus’s Wrath: Expert – Purr Foote

Creator: Purr Foote
Date Posted: October 6, 2020
Game Version: 2.0.0
Auto-Shapeshift: Off
Creator’s Clear Time: 9:28
Creator’s Clear Rate: 50%

Creator’s Notes:

“Full auto for Expert Tart. This one is a little frustrating due to the mechanics of the fight. I would say this comp works about 50% of the time on full auto, but semi-auto with a few swipes into portals and dragoning to break bubbles, it is a very easy 100% clear rate.

Credit for this build to u/EVLEWT on Reddit for the build, the standard Mord build wasn’t really working for me and this one has done a bit better. Full auto one day, maybe.”

– Purr Foote

Watch this team in action:

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