Volk’s Wrath: Master – wolf8sheep

Creator: wolf8sheep
Date Posted: May 6, 2021
Game Version: 2.7.1
Auto-Shapeshift: Off
Creator’s Clear Time: 3:08
Creator’s Clear Rate: 96% (48/50)

Creator’s Notes:

“This is a possible 100% clear rate as I am using a 1ub azazel on grace. Other improvements would be using the lance boons version of the sword psalm wyrmprint, adding more dragon augments, mub the draconic resurrection wyrmprint, and possibly just a better wyrmprint or adventurer setup. My facilitys are at 2,214 so improvements can be maxed out there as well as weapon bonuses from agito/hdt/core.

Turn off auto dragon and auto brace (game options for the latter).

This is mostly just to showcase the value of draconic resurrection since your lead will revive without waiting for a party wipe which imo is great for auto builds.”

– wolf8sheep

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2 thoughts on “Volk’s Wrath: Master – wolf8sheep”

  1. Hello, your introductory section has Auto-Shapeshift as ON, but this is specifically an Auto-Shapeshift OFF build. Consider fixing it. Thanks.


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