Lilith’s Encroaching Shadow: Master – Teyah

Creator: Teyah
Date Posted: March 12, 2021
Game Version: 2.5.1
Auto-Shapeshift: On
Creator’s Clear Time: 9:42
Creator’s Clear Rate: RNG%

Creator’s Notes:

“Here’s a first clear of Master Lilith in auto play, and my thoughts on the state of Master Lilith auto for the coming future. Hoping to see water get stronger units, dragons, and healers – they’re lacking a lot compared to Light right now for auto consistency. After the clear and during prep of this video, I saw that Thor’s energy wasn’t being applied, so using him was a mistake here – Gilgamesh/Cupid should be used instead. This doesn’t affect much here anyway as the big choke point is the water element in general. DPS check will get more lenient as the new wyrmprints are unlocked (and better dragons are selected, if I revisit this again).”

– Teyah

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Watch this team in action:

2 thoughts on “Lilith’s Encroaching Shadow: Master – Teyah”

  1. I noticed that this video seems to link to your Jaldabaoth auto instead of your Lilith. Wanted to make you aware!


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