Tartarus’s Wrath: Master – T L

Creator: T L
Date Posted: April 6, 2021
Game Version: 2.6.1
Auto-Shapeshift: On
Creator’s Clear Time: 4:55
Creator’s Clear Rate: 100% (8/8)

Creator’s Notes:

“Ok so I made this upon request and it seems to work ok so far. Limited time and stamina so my sample size so far has been 8/8. I tried all sorts of stuff and I disliked Grace rng so I found using a Ramiel helper here worked best. Skill share of H!Lowen is important since AI always pops it first for defense before dragoning. Lead Hilde so it spams Jeanne for initial defense buff alongside the defense dragon print. Second should be Gooden to offset any weird prisons and with double res can tank portals if need be. Dominion prints are used but like i used random ones so they don’t matter and aren’t needed. Lastly, can probably substitute in Julietta for maybe higher or same success, but I don’t have her so i can’t test personally. Feel free to adjust if used 🙂. Each unit is replaceable honestly, just need to test since my sample size wasn’t too big.”

– T L

Watch this team in action:

3 thoughts on “Tartarus’s Wrath: Master – T L”

  1. There was an update for this posted on May 22 that should be more consistent. Check their Youtube channel, it looks like this website isn’t being updated much anymore.


  2. Seems very inconsistent, when things go right it clears extremely fast but many things can go wrong, Euden has a lot of trouble going into the first portal and if he takes too long it kills the run.


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